Heirloom vegetable seeds
The eye in heirloom vegetable gardening is increasing in popularity recently. Before, all of the seed of plants and vegetables which were grown every year were from seeds that were collected in the past years. These seeds were planted the following year and also this was the technique that was applied annually to cultivate the same selection of plants. However, with the coming of genetic engineering nowadays plant and vegetable seeds are designed in great quantities and many gardeners no more save their seeds. Nevertheless the old method of seed collecting continues to be continued by a few, and gaining in popularity.

Heirloom Seeds

So what characteristic should a plant need to make it prone to become an heirloom plant? To begin, it must be open pollinated. It also needs to have a lengthy history of use and have been handed down through many generations. For those with an intention in trying a few of the historical vegetable varieties, there are lots of kinds of heirloom vegetables available for you to cultivate in your garden. You always won't find these vegetables within your local grocery store or maybe your supermarket. One of the reasons they are usually unavailable to get, is that many heirloom varieties do not store or ship well, and so are best eaten fresh. However, in addition they tend to have far better flavor than others grown for commercial distribution, and so are often more nutritious too.

There are numerous heirloom vegetable seeds you can purchase. For instance, there are dozens of heirloom dried bean varieties you can test within your garden. Another popular heirloom vegetable variety to use are lemon cucumbers. These are yellow colored and are sized no more than a lemon. They can be consumed being a fruit and are extremely tasty and juicy to eat. Good for salad preparation, the lemon cucumber is simply amazing. There's also some good heirloom eggplant varieties - Violetta di Firenze is one fantastic option, however, you will discover heirloom eggplants in the wide array of colors and sizes. This variety of vegetable is merely available through heirloom gardening. Their is a great selection of heirloom peppers to select from - the Bulgarian carrot Peppers is among my personal favorite, however, you should be able to grow a variety of peppers from south and central america that you can not normally find in supermarkets.

Heirloom Seeds

However, probably the most popular heirlooms are simply inside the tomato family. You will find countless heirloom tomato varieties truly worth trying, from Lillian's Yellow Tomatoes to the Brandywines. If you were to grow only one heirloom vegetable variety within your garden, if not consider growing among the Brandywine types of tomato. The taste of your Brandywine tomato simply cannot be beat.

These are simply a few examples from the a large number of heirloom vegetable varieties available. If you're interested in learning more, there are numerous organizations set up in america committed to preserving heirloom seed varieties.


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